improv playground
September 28th 2022
5:30 PM
Jungle Room Theater/ Dugout,

Now on Wednesday Nights!!!

Curious about improv? Already in love with it? Not sure what you think about it?

Sooo many good reasons to come play with us!

We’re crazy about improv comedy, and we enjoy sharing that thrill of creative fun with you.

 for a playful take on short-form and long-form improv games and exercises that reveal tools for success in group-mind comedy story-telling. Each week has a Focus Topic that gives shape to the 2 hour journey. Sample topics are listed below.  of your life. the f, and This drop-in format is a great way to jump into improv in a playful, spirited fashion.Together we’ll connect, learn, grow, and laugh. A lot!

This group is open to all experience levels, beginners to professionals. The only prerequisite is a willingness to have fun and take creative risks together!

The Improv Playground is lead by Brian Kapell and Carl Clancy. Brian has been teaching improv since 1985 and is a founding member of ComedySportz and Berlin’s ComedyShorts. Carl is a prolific improviser, teacher and coach, who has trained and performed with some of the world’s best in Berlin, Chicago and New York.

It is 10, eu cash per person. Please register for any Improv Playground date on this Meetup Page:

Sample Focus Topics:

  • Character/ Archetypes: making vocal, physical, psyche and soul-level choices
  • Narrative Elements: who, what, where, why, and more
  • Status
  • Building Narrative Arc/ Heightening
  • Action-driven Improv
  • Scene-starter Tools
  • Game vs Games: long-form vs. short-form improv
  • Opposites and Opposition
  • 3-person scenes
  • Head-to-head Short-form Games
  • Active listening